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Lessons from diversity of directed evolution experiments by an analysis of 3,000 mutations.
14 July 2014
Zhao J, Kardashliev T, Joelle
Biotechnol Bioeng 2014
Diversity generation by random mutagenesis is often the first key step in directed evolution...
Bacillus gibsonii alkaline protease
1 November 2012
Martinez R, Jakob F, Tu R, Sie
Biotechnol Bioeng. 2013 Mar
Bacillus gibsonii Alkaline Protease (BgAP) is a recently reported subtilisin protease exhibiting...
Review: To get what we aim for - progress in diversity generation methods
5 June 2013
Ruff AJ, Dennig A, Schwaneberg
FEBS J., 280 (2013), 2961-2978
Protein re-engineering by directed evolution has become a standard approach for tailoring enzymes...
Reengineered glucose oxidase for amperometric glucose determination in diabetes analytics
20 June 2013
Arango Gutierrez E, Mundhada H
Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Glucose oxidase is an oxidoreductase exhibiting a high β-d-glucose specificity and high stability...

Science & Technology

Innovative solutions to enzyme evolution problems

At SeSaM-Biotech, we consider science as an essential component of our business. Dedicated to excellence, we believe that only through continuous R&D we can stay competitive on a rapidly growing market. We strive to offer innovative solutions to the problems protein engineering faces today. The first solution we proudly developed is SeSaM (Sequence Saturation Mutagenesis).
The Problem: Limited Diversity
There are many ways to generate diversity at the protein level. Classical methods either mimic nature or are based on synthetic chemistry. Both approaches have complementary advantages and disadvantages. For this reason the ideal method would combine the advantages of both, while eliminating the disadvantages.
The Solution: SeSaM
SeSaM combines the best out of nature and synthetic chemistry leading to the generation of 92.6% out of the potential diversity. Using SeSaM technology, enzyme variants with completely new properties can be generated. Moreover, the advantageous properties of different variants can be combined through SeSaM so that the desired objectives can be achieved faster. This is why SeSaM-Biotech is able to find quickly the desired enzyme according to customer’s specifications.
In this part of our website you will find everything about our platform technology: SeSaM and directed evolution and its methods: screening, cloning & expression and enzyme properties that we can characterize the evolved enzyme for.