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Lessons from diversity of directed evolution experiments by an analysis of 3,000 mutations.
14 July 2014
Zhao J, Kardashliev T, Joelle
Biotechnol Bioeng 2014
Diversity generation by random mutagenesis is often the first key step in directed evolution...
Bacillus gibsonii alkaline protease
1 November 2012
Martinez R, Jakob F, Tu R, Sie
Biotechnol Bioeng. 2013 Mar
Bacillus gibsonii Alkaline Protease (BgAP) is a recently reported subtilisin protease exhibiting...
Review: To get what we aim for - progress in diversity generation methods
5 June 2013
Ruff AJ, Dennig A, Schwaneberg
FEBS J., 280 (2013), 2961-2978
Protein re-engineering by directed evolution has become a standard approach for tailoring enzymes...
Reengineered glucose oxidase for amperometric glucose determination in diabetes analytics
20 June 2013
Arango Gutierrez E, Mundhada H
Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Glucose oxidase is an oxidoreductase exhibiting a high β-d-glucose specificity and high stability...

Gene Libraries

Gene Libraries

SeSaM-Biotech offers mutant gene libraries as a service provider. Our customers provide us with their gene of interest, we evolve the gene by random mutagenesis technologies, especially by our core technology SeSaM.

After a quality control, the final mutant gene library is returned to the customer within 4 weeks usually.


What is SeSaM?

SeSaM, the abbreviation of Sequence Saturation Mutagenesis, is a patented method to create diversity on the gene level far higher than the diversity generated by conventional methods such as error-prone PCR.

Why is SeSaM the ideal random mutagenesis method?
  • SeSaM targets every single protein position equally
  • SeSaM exchanges an amino acid by all the other 19 amino acids with a probability above 0.9
  • SeSaM has a built-in recombination option
  • SeSaM libraries have reduced hotspots that leads to decrease in screening needs
  • SeSaM allows tuning of the Ts/Tv-ratio


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