Directed Enzyme Evolution

Our premium Quest-Service

The path to successful protein engineering


The path to successful protein engineering

Directed Enzyme Evolution

Protein engineering and directed evolution

Take a look at our toolbox

Protein Engineering and Directed Evolution

Take a loot at our Toolbox

Directed Enzyme Evolution

Gene Libraries

Customised to your demand

Gene Libraries

Customised to your demand

Assay Development

Qualitatively and quantitatively suitable assays

Assay Development

Qualitatively and quantitatively suitable assays

How can we contribute to your success?

We love to contribute to your success with our expertise in Directed Enzyme Evolution covering the areas of Protein Engineering, Assay Development, Gene Library Design and more. Get in touch to learn more about our Patented Protein Engineering – Made in Germany.

Enzyme Evolution

Protein Engineering

Premium protein engineering using the validated KnowVolution strategy!

Enzyme Evolution

Assay Development

We design customized, easy-to-use and high throughput screening assays!

Enzyme Evolution

Library Generation

Purchase high quality gene libraries generated with our patented technologies!


Our all-in-one premium solution for your directed evolution project.

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How our patented SeSaM Technology increases success chances for the Directed Evolution of enzymes, explained by David Schönauer, former Managing Director:

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How you can improve your enzyme with us:

From idea to fully customized Directed Evolution project in four easy steps:

Request an offer

Discuss your enzyme and desired property improvements with our specialists and receive an offer outlining our strategy to evolve your enzyme

Launch your project

Initiate your Directed Evolution project

Stay on Track

Follow the progress of your Directed Evolution project via regular project updates provided to your mailbox and via telephone calls

Obtain results

Receive your improved enzyme ready for implementation in your process or product. By default, you own the full IP of the evolved enzymes.

Why choose SeSaM-Biotech?

SeSaM-Biotech is a R&D service provider with explicit focus on Directed Enzyme Evolution.

Get what you need

Each R&D project is fitted to your needs in

terms of time, price and research

Track your expenses

No hidden costs, no royalities, no licenses.

Just one transparent R&D project fee

Stay in control

Regular research reports let you keep track of the

project timeline and the results

Enzyme Evolution

Hire Knowledge

Top-of-the-line research by experienced scientists

with constant knowledge influx from our network

Enzyme Evolution

Protect your IP

All services are 100 % IP secure. You own the

exclusive rights to all evolved enzymes

Keep your data safe

We take data protection seriously.

In-house data storage only

Patents of industry clients

Proven Directed Evolution strategy with high success rate

since its implementation in 2015