Enzyme Services

SeSaM-Biotech provides Directed Evolution of proteins within a R&D project. Each project will be designed individually to suit the needs of our customers and described in a detailed quote comprising 10-15 pages. Mutations are generated through SeSaM technology (random mutagenesis), OmniChange (focused mutagenesis) and guided by rational design based on computational simulations and analysis of the crystal structure or homology model of the enzyme.


Our enzyme evolution services include:

  • Consultation to find the best strategy to evolve the enzyme (random, rational, or combined approach)
  • Cloning & expression using our proprietary cloning technology and production strains
  • Sophisticated high throughput screening assay development for desired enzymatic reactions and their application
  • Design, generation and screening of the enzyme libraries
  • Optional: purification and characterization of best performing enzyme variants (kinetic properties, selectivity, stability etc.


Milestones and regular reports provide full control over the project’s progress and maximum flexibility. Our standard business model ensures that our client retains full IP ownership of the evolved variants!


Our company track-record shows successful evolution services with amylases, cellulases, esterases, glucanases, glucose oxidases, laccases, lipases, monooxygenases, phytases, polymerases, proteases, sortases and xylanases. We are always happy to expand our enzyme evolution portfolio.

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Please contact us to design a suitable enzyme evolution service for you.