QuESt is our all-in-one service package ‘from gene to improved enzyme’: Ensure first-class protein engineering expertise, top-of-the-line methods and technologies, cost-saving computational analysis, reliable assay development and protein sample production for your Directed Evolution project!

QuESt – short for Quality Enzyme Solutions – is our all-in-one solution to give your enzymes the competitive advantage. We can enhance every property of your enzyme, including enzymatic activity, thermal resilience, solvent stability, pH resistance, substrate specificity product spectrum, removing inhibitory effects and more. Our track record spans more than 30 enzymes and assays including lipases, proteases, polymerases, laccases, monooxygenases, reductases, sugar isomerases, cellulases, phytases, pectinases, glucose oxidases, amylases and alcohol dehydrogenases that are expressed and screened in our four expression platforms E. coli, B. subtilis, S. cerevisiae and P. pastoris.


QuESt employs our protein engineering strategy “KnowVolution” – a knowledge-gaining directed enzyme evolution. KnowVolution is a combined approach of random and rational enzyme evolution, compensating the disadvantages of purely random or purely rational (computational) evolution strategies. As a result, we achieved both a high cost efficiency and increased success chances.

Directed Enzyme Evolution

100% success rate

  • in projects with actively expressed enzyme and screening assays meeting our validation criteria for Directed Evolution


5 patents

  • of industry clients for enzymes evolved by the KnowVolution strategy since its introduction in 2015


Each of our projects is tailored to your enzyme, your application and your needs. We claim to be as flexible as research projects allow with optional project time-outs in which you can test our evolved variants as well as milestones to report and assess the progress.

Success speaks for itself


Find below two success stories of our QuESt service where we applied our advanced Directed Evolution strategy “KnowVolution” to engineer superior enzyme variants.

QuESt – Directed Evolution of a polymerase for modified nucleotides

     more active


Over the course of 11 months at 1 FTE, the specific activity of the evolved polymerase variants were improved by a factor of 40 compared to the wild type polymerase.


Benefits to client:

  • 40x less enzyme required in application
  • Process economically viable
enzyme evolution

QuESt – Directed Evolution of a cellulase for long-term storage stability

more stable


Over the course of 11 months at 1 FTE, the long-term stability of the final variant was enhanced by more than 400% compared to the best performing variant of the client.


Benefits to client:

  • More than four times less enzyme required in application
  • Enzyme filed for patent
enzyme evolution

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QuESt is our all-in-one premium package combining all our available services:

Gene Libraries Assay Development QuESt
Gene Optimization
LIbrary Generation
Screening Assay Development
Library Screening
Protein Expression Studies
Computational Modelling
Enzyme purification/Characterization
Enzyme Production

Interested in a tailor-made Directed Enzyme Evolution project that considers your deadlines, budget, internal decision processes, offers cost transparency, flexibility and ensures exclusive IP ownership of the evolved enzymes?

We gladly design a comprehensive Directed Evolution project for your that fulfils your specific demands.


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