Where we come from

We have a passion for enzymes – the most diverse molecule in the entire universe


Proteins and enzymes are the pillars of life. They are the workhorses that are responsible for metabolism, organic structures, and communication between living beings. To us, they are the most fascinating molecules in existence. The diversity of enzymes is larger than the estimated number of stars in the universe. We set out to explore this vast sequence space – and its potential benefit to industry and our planet – in 2008, when SeSaM-Biotech was founded based on our platform technology SeSaM – Sequence Saturation Mutagenesis invented by Prof. Schwaneberg. Ever since, we conduct Directed Enzyme Evolution, also known as Protein Engineering, to speed up “Darwinian Evolution” in vitro and to supply evolved enzymes and proteins with improved properties to our clients worldwide.



Interested in exploring the sequence space of your enzyme in a Directed Evolution project?